The HealthXL® Advantage
what sets us apart

The HealthXL® Advantage

Why Should You Trust HealthXL®
to Deliver Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring Services to Your Patients?

Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring require refined, efficient workflows that most practices aren’t equipped to develop or maintain on their own. In addition, without robust enrollment efforts, participation in these programs will fall short of their maximum potential.

Identifying qualified patients in your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and contacting them for enrollment is an involved process that requires time and dedicated resources. In-house enrollment programs typically enroll only a small fraction of qualified patients, causing the program to stall out. HealthXL®’s proprietary Accelerated Enrollment Program delivers patient consent rates that far outpace the industry average.

HealthXL® employs a systematic process to identify, contact, and enroll your eligible patients on a regular cadence, ensuring that all patients who can benefit from Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring services are educated and given the opportunity to participate.

HealthXL®’s Accelerated Enrollment Program

The average in-house enrollment program only enrolls 10% of eligible patients. 
HealthXL®’s Accelerated Enrollment Program has success rates of up to 50%, with the average practice achieving 39% enrollment of responsive, eligible patients. 

  • We’ll identify eligible patients in your Electronic Medical Records at the beginning of your service and at regular intervals thereafter. Your eligible population is constantly changing, so regular enrollment calls are crucial to maximizing the programs success.

  • Our trained Enrollment Specialists will contact patients on behalf of your practice to educate them about the program and provide opportunity for enrollment.

Service Systematically

Consistent monthly services are essential for the effectiveness of your program. A VCS partner can systematically service a large patient volume on a monthly basis in a way that an in-house program cannot. This improves patient outcomes and engagement with the practice. 

Helping Practices Deliver High Quality Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring Services
by leveraging the latest technology and high-quality talent, training and management.

Empowered by the
Latest Technology

  • Consistent care: Our system-driven, workflow-based model ensures that each patient receives the same thorough care regardless of assigned care coordinator.

  • Completely secure: Our HIPAA-compliant platform employs multi-factor authentication, encryption technology, and full backup and recovery through AWS.

  • Simple to access: Our work integrates seamlessly into your practice workflow. There’s no need for you or your patients to learn a new platform. Simply access patient care plans through your existing EMR using a secure link or PDF.

  • Efficient procurement: Rely on HealthXL® to research, procure and deliver the latest RPM devices to your patients. Once they arrive, we’ll work directly with your patients to set them up and use the devices with ease.

High Quality Training
and Management

  • Dedicated Care Team: Our dedicated Care Coordinators are highly skilled at delivering Virtual Care Services and are undistracted by competing office responsibilities like an in-house team tends to be.
  • Managed Staff: Because they’re our employees, we handle all hiring, training, onboarding and quality assurance for you.

  • Expansion of Practice Care Team: HealthXL® Care Coordinators provide extra care for your patients at no additional cost!

Service With Quality

Thorough, quality-tested, empathetic services lead to better patient outcomes.

A Virtual Care Services partner is 100% focused on delivering quality virtual services at scale in a way an in-office team cannot. HealthXL®’s Patient-Centered Care Coordinators spend every day focused on helping your patients succeed in their health objectives, answering their questions, coordinating their various care aspects and connecting them to healthcare resources.

Service With Quality


Patients receive monthly contact from their Care Coordinator at a convenient time, in the comfort of their home. We’ll make multiple attempts to speak to your patients each month.



Care Coordinators are equipped with questions specifically targeted to their conditions that seek to identify problems early, preventing unnecessary and costly hospital visits.



HealthXL® trains Care Coordinators specifically for intentional listening, responsiveness, and compassion. Our goal is to treat each patient as we would want our loved ones treated. Each Care Coordinator is evaluated by this standard in our quality assurance audits.



HealthXL®’s monthly contact results in maximized patient adherence to their care plans and their provider-prescribed treatments.

Education Center

A Practice-Friendly Partnership

A Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring Partner that works seamlessly within your practice workflow can make Virtual Care Services no-hassle for your staff and patients.

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HealthXL®’s Commitment to Excellence

From implementation to monthly service, our team works hard to get to know your team and your patients in order to deliver care on your terms. We aim to mirror the excellent care patients receive from you and your team.

  • Account Management: Your responsive, highly knowledgeable account manager is a resource for your office team, helping guide your program to success.

  • Seamless Billing: In addition to the documentation in your EMR, our billing team provides you with all the supporting documentation you need to bill Medicare with ease.
  • Monthly Metrics: HealthXL® provides detailed monthly reporting beyond billing documentation to help you understand which patients are engaging with the program and why others drop off.
  • Compliance Confidence: Medicare and HIPAA guidelines are always evolving. You can trust HealthXL® to keep you up to date on the latest guidelines and ensure that your service is fully compliant.

Chronic Care Management & Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Patient-Centered, Practice-Friendly Virtual Care Services

Chronic Care Management Services for Healthcare Systems

Seamless Workflow Integration With
Existing EMRs

Our workflows incorporate and work within your current Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platform, eliminating the need for training of your office staff or investing in new technology. We are proficient in the following EMR platforms and continually expanding our expertise:

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