Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Services
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HealthXL® provides easy-to-use Remote Patient Monitoring services to improve care and decrease healthcare costs. By combining consistent remote monitoring with personalized follow-up and accountability, we transform healthcare outside of conventional settings. Whether it’s at home or on the go, patients can consistently stay in control of their health, while keeping their physicians informed real-time.

Go Remote – A Better Way to Care

Elderly persons suffering from chronic and persistent health concerns have complex healthcare demands, often requiring frequent in-person appointments. Most practices become overwhelmed with these visits, causing strain across the healthcare system.

That’s why we provide a better way to care, remotely. Since launching  in 2015, it’s been our mission to provide better, patient-centered, practice-friendly services with empathy and efficiency. Starting as one of the initial virtual care pioneers, we are now the leader in the industry.

Our secure and easy-to-use Remote Patient Monitoring devices reduce hospital and ED admissions, provide better outcomes, decrease healthcare cost and improve the overall quality of patient care.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

The technical CMS reference for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is Remote Physiologic Monitoring. However, that’s kind of a mouthful. Remote Patient Monitoring services utilize technology to facilitate accurate and timely patient monitoring away from conventional settings, such as physician offices, emergency departments (EDs) and hospitals. Patients can share information and receive support, from any location, at any time.

  • Overcome the logistical hurdles and lack of access to conventional healthcare
  • Capture and transmit vitals data with easy-to-use, secure Bluetooth® devices complemented by live phone, audio/video or secure messaging interactions
  • Experience preventive care leading to better patient outcomes
  • Reduce strain on and cost within the overall healthcare system, while increasing individual practice revenue and profitability

Picture a patient reporting their blood pressure, pulse, oxygen levels, temperature or blood sugar levels to their doctor in real time, all while sitting in their own living room. That’s Remote Patient Monitoring.

Why Go Remote?

Reduce ED admissions and hospital readmission rates

Reduce ED admissions and hospital readmission rates

Preventive care causes a decrease in disease progression and premature deaths

Preventive care contributes to a decrease in disease progression and premature deaths

Peace of mind and reduced stress for patients with complex medical conditions

Peace of mind and reduced stress for patients with complex medical conditions

Reduced pressure on the practice in terms of phone calls, follow-up and access

Reduced pressure on the practice in terms of phone calls, follow-up and access

Chronic Care Management for Healthcare Systems

Reimbursable through CPT codes 99454, 99457 and 99458

The Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring
for Patients

Remote Patient Monitoring removes the physical barriers to care

Our easy-to-use virtual care technology presents both the clinician and their patients with real-time vitals data and trends on demand: preventive care, greater efficiency, and less stress.

Vital Results
Vital Results

Improved Patient Health Monitoring

With the significant advancements in remote patient technology, many in-person visits are unnecessary, especially for routine health updates. With HealthXL®, patients report their health status consistently via Bluetooth®-enabled vitals monitoring devices.

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse/Oxygen
  • Weight
  • Blood Sugar
  • Temperature
  • Heart Rate

Increased Access to Care

For many patients, getting and attending an in-person doctor’s appointment is time-consuming, inconvenient and stressful…especially on short notice. With our Remote Patient Monitoring services they can forget long phone hold times, calendar coordination, transportation issues, waiting rooms and other hurdles. This is especially valuable for elderly persons, and those lacking mobility, experiencing pandemics or living in rural areas. Remote Patient Monitoring is highly effective for managing:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • COPD
  • Post-discharge Follow-ups

Enhanced Quality of Care

When consistently adhered to, our easy-to-use Remote Patient Monitoring services enhance patient care by providing critical data to clinicians timely and accurately. Instead of relying on intermittent, haphazard or inaccurate data, clinicians identify problems early to allow treatment modification…avoiding exacerbating conditions. Our Care Coordinators work directly with patients to ensure they’re keeping up with their physician’s prescribed treatment plan and that fluctuations in vitals are identified early. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Boost Patient Engagement

Preventive care cannot be achieved without the patient playing their part. Our Remote Patient Monitoring services promote self-monitoring habits, encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Our easy-to-use technology allows patients to view their improvement (in blood pressure, for example) which boosts their engagement. In addition, built in system reminders increase adherence to prescribed monitoring intervals. Consistency is key.

Improved Education

HealthXL®’s RPM services give patients the chance to communicate with medical professionals on an ongoing basis. Our empathetic care coordinators partner with the patient on their journey of care, focusing on understanding and support as opposed to a check the box phone call. By reducing barriers to access and providing attentive care, patients benefit from A Better Way to Care.

Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients

Patient-Centered, Practice-Friendly Virtual Care Services

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Remote Patient Monitoring
for Healthcare Providers

HealthXL® provides doctors and other clinicians with on-demand patient data so they can respond quickly and efficiently to changes in conditions.

From real-time vitals reporting to trend analysis and out of range alerts, communications are technology enabled, secure and streamlined. This means preventive care, increased access, staying in the treatment loop, efficient follow-up, and increased practice profit.

Identify Patient Needs Earlier

HealthXL®‘s Remote Patient Monitoring services give healthcare providers the ability to identify patient needs earlier, preventing unnecessary and costly hospital and ED visits. With increased and timely access to patient data, clinicians can promote preventive care and identify worsening health trends early.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring for Healthcare Providers

Improved Patient Monitoring

By securely tracking and monitoring patients vitals remotely, healthcare transforms from episodic to preventive. Whether it’s blood pressure, oxygen, weight or sugar levels, monitoring is continuous and proactive.

Patients can also report symptoms or concerns more timely, reducing condition progression and preventing ED visits and hospitalizations.

Expand Internal Bandwidth

Patients can resolve issues quickly and reduce stress by not having to sit in busy waiting rooms, trying to get time with an already overloaded clinician – leaving access for those who need in-person care most. Our Care Coordinators reduce the strain on the front office related to busy phone lines and answering routine questions.

Increased Profitability

In 2020, Remote Patient Monitoring CPT codes were overhauled. RPM services are now billed primarily under four CPT codes: 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458. On average, each RPM patient serviced by HealthXL® can generate a practice around $40 in profit per month. With just 100 patients enrolled in RPM, your program would yield an estimated $48,000 in profit annually. A large practice with 500 patients enrolled would see annual profit of $240,000. Large health systems could generate incremental profit in the millions.

Empowered By The Latest Technology

HealthXL® helps practices deliver high-quality Remote Patient Monitoring at scale by leveraging the latest technology and high-quality talent, training and oversight.

Consistent Care

Driven by our proprietary technology platform, iCare by HealthXL®, our finely-tuned workflow-based model ensures each patient receives the same thorough, consistent care regardless of assigned Care Coordinator.

Security a Priority

Leveraging Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) secure infrastructure, multi-factor authentication, encryption technology, and redundant back-up, all patient data is securely transmitted and stored. Our proprietary platform, iCare by HealthXL®, and processes are fully HIPAA-compliant. Regular HIPAA compliance audits ensure the latest protections.

Efficient Device Procurement

Rely on HealthXL® to research, procure and deliver the latest, most effective RPM devices to your patients. We are constantly researching the latest and greatest, Bluetooth® enabled RPM devices. We order and ship the devices you prescribe for each patient at no cost to your practice. We’ll contact each patient to help them set up their devices and educate them on use. We also replace defective devices at no cost to you or your patient. Simple!


Our Remote Patient Monitoring devices are easy-to-use and particularly geared for the aging population. Designed with patient usability in mind, the learning process is simple, quick and stress-free. An often overlooked factor in the success of a RPM program is a patient’s consistent reporting of vitals. Without it, it’s just cool technology that sits on the shelf.

The simpler to use, the more likely patients are to transmit frequently. Patients must reach the CMS mandated minimum monthly transmissions (16), for services to be reimbursable under CPT 99454. Our system has built in reminders to help patients get in the routine of regular use. In addition, our Care Coordinators follow-up with those patients who are struggling to comply.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services
for Health Care Systems

Remote Patient Monitoring services for health care systems

Our Remote Patient Monitoring services for health care systems are designed to be easy-to-integrate, putting no additional stress on your physicians or facilities.

Our services complement your existing staff, require no new financial investment, and allow access to all information within your existing EMR.

  • Real-time access to vitals data for patients with chronic or complex conditions
  • Securely collected and reported data, consistent monitoring of readings, timely response to out of range alerts and encouragement of patient compliance

Why Healthcare Partners Should Choose HealthXL® to Be Their Remote Patient Monitoring Company?

HealthXL® is experienced at working with third party medical device and software resellers and their provider clients.

HealthXL® provides the following advantages for third-party partners:

  • End-to-end RPM services that expand your clients’ healthcare team with no upfront costs and minimal time investment

  • Accelerated Enrollment Program that educates patients on the benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Incremental revenue that improves profits for you and your clients
  • Services tailored to practice workflows and existing EMRs

Why Partner With HealthXL® to Be Your
Remote Patient Monitoring Company?

Our Remote Patient Monitoring services improve patient health, promote preventive care, and reduce patient and office stress, while eliminating unnecessary hospital and ED admissions. Increase practice revenue without incurring additional costs. If you’re interested, contact us today. Our programs can be set up and running in just a few weeks.


HealthXL® efficiently manages the complexities of hiring, training, oversight, quality assurance, technology, metrics, compliance and geography, leveraging our highly qualified, dedicated and trained staff. Offering peace of mind that there’s no limitation to how much your RPM program can grow.


No hidden fees or ongoing costs to the physician practice.


HealthXL® works within your current EMR software. No need for software or hardware purchases.


Since our Care Coordinators are our employees, we handle all hiring, onboarding, training and management. A turnkey solution at every step of the way.


HealthXL®‘s proprietary software, iCare by HealthXL®, is workflow-based, ensuring all patients are serviced securely, consistently and thoroughly regardless of assigned Care Coordinator. A physician’s general or patient-specific instructions can be included with confidence.


A faster, proven way to drive patient participation. We do the heavy lifting of contacting and educating your eligible patients on RPM at your direction. Increases enrollment substantially compared to inhouse programs.


Highly profitable through Medicare reimbursement.


From device procurement and delivery, to activation, patient education and monthly monitoring, HealthXL® handles every detail on your behalf.

Chronic Care Management Services for Healthcare Systems

Fully Compatible With
Existing EMRs

Physician’s and their staff are not interested in complicating their lives by having to learn another technology. Our Remote Patient Monitoring services work side-by-side with current Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. Seamless workflow integration means no training or investment in new technology. Simply access patient care plans through your existing EMR using a secure link or PDF.

We currently work with the following EMR platforms and are always expanding:

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